About Zadar - Walk through the city

Zadar - the city with 3000 years of history.
The historical and cultural inheritance is intertwined with modern architectonic ideas such as The Sea organs and Greeting to the Sun. All of that is situated in the old part of the town, the city’s centre.

The People’s Square is the heart of the city.  You can start your walk there, and walk through the Kalelarga - a long street, well known in Zadar. Take a stroll to the Romanic Church of St. Donatus, from the 9th century. When you have look inside, you will notice its round shape form and ancient beauty. Don’t forget to visit the largest church in all of Dalmatia, our city’s cathedral, The Church of St. Anastasia. Enjoy the breath taking view of the town, the islands and the sea from the top of the Cathedral’s Bell Tower. You’re also able to see the other churches nearby, such as St. Mary's, The Monastery of St. Francis Assisi and The Church of St. Chrysogonus, that all take part in the city’s history book.

From the Romanic Forum you can walk to the seaside, where you will see the Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun. Listen to the sound of the sea and enjoy the multi-coloured lightshow.

The University of Zadar is located on the other side of the Riva, and is one of the oldest in this area.

Finally, make your way through Varoš, our narrow streets, always crowded with locals and tourists. It’s a place filled with coffee shops and restaurants. We highly recommend you take a break there and try some local, Dalmatian food.

Explore and don’t worry, you can’t get lost, Roman street architecture is infallible!